Vemdalen rocks

Sadly I couldn't bring my big camera on the mountain, so when I remembered to I'd whip out my phone to grab some snaps - I didn't get that many, as I was having too much fun. As Easter was late this year there wasn't loads of snow left, but luckily there was enough on the slopes. The first picture is from Jaktstugan, a cabin at the top of a cross country ski run that only sold waffles with cloudberry jam and whipped cream. Just outside the kids could borrow toboggans which was really good fun; I tell you, everything was so relaxed and chilled in Vemdalen. There was free hot chocolate at the foot of some runs, communal barbecue pits where you could cook your own lunch, swings for kids that had had enough of skiing, and in one resort (Björnrike) there was a even little music studio with a drum set and a piano that anyone could have a go on. Genius! The fifth picture is of a cabin from the 1700's that stands on my friends' plot, but I was so dumbstruck by it that I didn't take any pictures from the inside. And lastly, Oomoo and A on day 1, before Oomoo got the hang of skiing on his own. We better hurry back before he forgets how to.


  1. this looks like so much fun in fresh air and constant activity during the day, and amazing sleeps at night!

    1. It's the best fun! We were so impressed by the kids lasting all day, including the 4 & 1/2 year old! Looking forward to many more years of it... xx


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