From the V to the A

Last Saturday we went to two museums; the V&A in the morning and the Science Museum in the afternoon. As you can imagine we were all pretty wiped out afterwards! Never the less, the V&A is a new favourite of ours, as kids can pick up adventure packs with different themes (we chose animals and then the Middle Ages) and walk around the galleries on a mission to find specific things. AND it's not packed like all other museums are on a weekend. I'll miss our quiet weekdays (when London is quiet and not as crowded) once Oomoo starts school (!) in September. From then on we'll be packed in like sardines with everyone else, trying to enjoy what this amazing city has to offer. Until then we have to make the most of it. Happy (busy or quiet) weekend!

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  1. seriously your pics are da bomb. you do an awesome job.


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