Searching in the dark

If you're in London, or coming here in the spring, you should head to the Barbican Curve Gallery and check out the latest installation there by UVA. My pictures don't do it justice; my camera is rubbish in low light and I had to focus manually - in the dark! Impossible. Best thing for it is to head down yourselves and check it out. Or I'll go back once I get my hands on a better camera and I'll have another go :)


  1. Waauuuww looks so cool ! Giving me the X-files vibe.. Haha. Would love to see this with my own eyes. Unfortunately, I'm nowhere near London. Wish I could go!


  2. Oh yeah, another thing. There's an exhibition by phlegm at the Howard Griffin Gallery, which I'm dying to see! Have you been there?


  3. I don't know...I thought these pics were pretty cool! But I always support another attempt as I do it all the time. I don't know how many times I've photographed lanterns in Chinatown and yet I am always up for another attempt!

  4. I really want to visit the Barbican next time I visit London! At least just to see the architecture. All the exhibits you go to with Oomoo is incredible! London has so much incredible art, I am jealous! I am trying to imagine being in the space in this exhibit, that third photo is just wow!


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