What the 4-year old saw

Oomoo quite regularly asks me if he can take some pictures, and this was the first time he asked if he could at an exhibition. At one point I had to take the camera off him as he was too busy clicking away and not taking part in what was going on around him (sounds familiar…). I like how some of these are abstract; it was quite dark in there, and I haven't yet taught him the hold-your-exhale-as-you-take-a-picture technique (I'll save that one for when he's much older!). I look forward to going out on camera walks with him in the future. Have a great weekend people!

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  1. These are so great Oomoo!!! I love that you encourage him so young! I'm finding I have to constantly remind myself to let Ellie explore! It's frustrating at times, but results are usually rewarding!


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