Do you like February? I sure don't. It's usually by this time of year that I lose my patience with winter, and when I just want to kick this grim season to the curb - hard. In the past couple of years I've managed to stave off the winter blues with vitamin D supplements and daily walks, but I've been slacking off this time and am bracing myself against it hitting me in the next few weeks. It doesn't help that we're house bound at the moment either, as we're having some work done in the garden. As a result I'm not taking many pictures, but thought I'd poke my head in here just to say hello. Hope February is treating you guys well. 


  1. Hahahaha so funny, but feb is also changing few realities in fun, well i am sure feb is treating me as well as like you.
    Once nice post you shared.

  2. Usually January is my dreaded month but so far we've been lucky with the weather, so no winter blues on my side but I'm fearing a backlash... last year we had snow and -15° until late March!
    I hope you can still enjoy some good time and, you'll see, in no time February will be gone ;))

  3. I thought I had already posted a comment, so sorry if I repost.
    Where s the lovely paperbask-poster from?

    1. Hi Thea, the poster is from Japan some 7 years ago or so, but the actual drawing is by Dick Bruna. I tried googling the poster, but had no luck :(


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