Snapshots from Christmas Day

Hello everybody peeps! How was your holidays? Ours was nice but I'm glad it's all over; I don't particularly enjoy the sluggishness that grips a hold of you as everything slows down for a week or so. Christmas Day itself was a relaxed affair at the in-laws' and Oomoo had a ball. We got to enjoy some culinary twists thanks to my brother-in-law, who cooked poussins with all the trimmings instead of turkey, and salted caramel popcorn ice-cream sandwiches for afters (I'm not a fan of traditional christmas puddings at all). Well, that was that and now it's a new year... Happy 2012 to all of you - let's make it a good one!


  1. Happy new year Famapa ! I'm sure your blog will remain one of my very favorites in 2012 !

  2. ja! gott nytt år o allt! mm, tårtan! flugan! :)

  3. Happy 2012! Your photos are great and I think that despite the fact you don't like Christmas or the puddings that much, you seem to have had a good time.

  4. great party masks! Such a fun thing to do while eating a family dinner!
    happy new year famapa to you and your lovely family! xo

  5. åh! god ny årstid till eeeer, vilka fina bilderm såna roliga ansiktsmasker hade jag som barn, så himla fina! roliga för alla åldrar...!
    jag vet förresten inte heller riktigt hur jag ska hantera den där ...julstämningen som liksom hugger tag i hela landet runt julveckorna. vardag rules. :)

  6. Happy 2012 to you, T and O!

    What a wonderful(annnd deeelicious) time you had here... heeheeeheeeee

    Hope you are well, and ofcourse, it was lovely meeting up with you in 2011. ;)



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