Out out out

Oomoo was a bit poorly last week so we didn't get up to much, but by the weekend we were all going stir-crazy and had to get out of our 'hood. We headed down to the Natural History Museum first, but quickly moved on to the Science Museum next door, as it was very crowded at the former. I love the Science Museum; there are so many great things to explore, and every time we go we look at something different. Both me and the hubby sighed at the sight of the model workshop in the last picture - the details were amazing (you don't really get the sense of it in my picture, but it's I think it's at a scale of 1:44). I might go back and steal it. Don't you go and tell on me now!


  1. Love the last photo. The details are amazing

  2. The Science museum is amazing - it's a pity that the last time I went to London, after doing the V&A and the Natural History Museum, I was to tired to take everything in... the problem is that even the museums' shops take me at least an hour!

    P.S. Your Oomoo will be a very educated person, I'm almost jealous that he gets to see so many interesting things.

  3. Ahahahaha, I won't tell on you, as long as you let me take photos of it! ;D

    The Science Museum looks amazing - will need to go here for the next time I'm in London!

  4. The first pic is kinda eerie - in a great way, of course.

  5. Love both the photos - the detail of the workshop and the light of the glass.


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