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We went on our first proper holiday in three years the week before xmas - eight days of snowboarding in La Plagne, France. The week before we arrived the slopes were still covered in grass, but luckily the weather turned wintry just as we got there. In fact, it hardly stopped snowing at all; it fell well over 150cms whilst we were there. It was really hard work going down the slopes as visibility was sometimes to just 20 odd metres or so - most days we were hurtling through proper snowstorms. It was exhilarating and it did wonders for my technique; I was snowboarding blindly and had to trust the board completely. I so wish that I had 'found' the mountains in my 20's, although ironically I'm probably fitter now than I was back then! To make up for lost time I'm going to make sure I'll be a snowboarding grandma :)


  1. beautiful snow and beautiful photos. i haven't been skiing in ten years, reading this i kind of miss it...

  2. Beautiful images, especially the first one. I miss the snow, we didn't see any this year here in Dublin.

  3. What beautiful crisp white snow!

    Ummm...I can totally see you as Mormor F whizzing down the hills.....
    heeheeeheeeeee ;)

  4. Waw, the first picture looks like icing sugar! It seems like you had a great time there. Happy New Year by the way Famapa!


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