Stuck on repeat

One of the drawbacks of either carrying more than one camera or Instagramming all the time, is that I get a lot of doubles. Why I still feel that I have to back my film shots on something digital is a mystery. Anyway, here are the last ones from the my most recent Lomo LC-A roll. Have a great weekend folks!


  1. I do the same...I think it's because I like to see the difference and also experience differently.
    in any way your doubles are great, is the last picture a lampshade in the V&A restaurant?
    have a nice weekend.

  2. Carrying more than one camera isn't easy, but this is just something photographers do... I get fed up changing lenses - I see something I like and then decide that it would look better if I used another lense... and then huffing and puffing I do it.

    Interesting photos. Have a nice weekend, probably snapping some more?

  3. To me, the first one is a poster and the second a little magic.

  4. i try to tell myself: choose one camera and go. choose ONE. you can do it. never works.

    these shots are brilliant.

  5. LOVE how you captured glimpses of red...so pretty!

    LIesl :)


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