A little of bit red on film

I treated myself to a new old camera a few weeks ago; an Olympus XA2 to be precise. Charlyn had one with her when I met up with her, and I was intrigued by it, so I had nosey around eBay and picked one up for next to nothing. It's very similar to the Lomo LC-A, and I really enjoyed shooting with it, but it leaves me slightly confused... When the focus is right it's quite a bit sharper than the LC-A, but I prefer the vignetting you get with the Lomo. Anyway, I've decided that I'm going to alternate rolls between the two from now on and see how it goes. Oh, and how's about that giant cupcake in the last pic?! Lemme tell you... it was goooood! More XA2 shots to come.


  1. Always good to have a new camera and play with it, the first photo is brilliant !

  2. These are all fantastico!

    Looking forward to more shots from both your LC-A and your Olympus XA2! :D


  3. The red in the giant cupcake photo is brilliant. No grain at all. What film are you using?

  4. these are great - especially the nordic bakery shot.

  5. thanks ladies!

    jessica: I used fuji superia x-tra 400. cheap and cheerful :)

  6. I bought a used XA (not an XA2, but very similar) decades ago and you are inspiring me to pull it out again!


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