Bad blogger

Oh dear. My grand plans of taking lots of pictures last week didn't quite happen. Or I guess they did, but I took most of them on my phone and then uploaded them on Instagram. I've never really understood why people take pictures with their phones (not high res quality enough and no manual controls! Oh wait, they might like not having to lug a camera around all the time!) and now I'm that person! I must see to it that I don't forget about this space; in fact sitting down and typing this right now I'm really happy to be here again. I'll be back, I promise!


  1. I hope you will :-) Really nice set!

  2. The last one is amazing. I love it. Bravo mademoiselle.

  3. Agreed, Pascale! Great pics, especially three!

  4. känner igen mej i det där "jag trodde aldrig att JAG...".
    minns tex när min lillasyster började blogga. vi andra ba: HOHO! sicken nymodighet, osv osv.
    men vänjer sej rätt lätt vid att inte kånka på en tung kamera dock. fast å andra sidan vänjer man sej VID ATT bära den med. . . man kan göra både och! (: kram!

  5. We'll always be here waiting for you, dear Famapa! ;*

  6. of course you'll be back !


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