400 ISO

Whoops! I forgot I'd half-prepared this post last night so please excuse the minimal text that was on here (although if you're reading this you never saw it, haha!). Anyway, I have to rush out as it's another lovely day, so all I'll say is that these two are from a recent film I loaded into my Yashica T5 (the bottom pic cracks me up). I'll be back on Monday with some more pics from that roll; in the mean time have yourselves a great weekend!


  1. Lovely!
    Little Oomo is a darling!!! :O

  2. I see I've wandered onto the "diggs" of another great photographer! :-) Just stopping to say Hi! I followed a link from Seventy Tree! Come visit me too...any time! :-)


  3. Oh the cutie! Though I can't figure out what he's sitting on ? Have a great weekend there!

  4. He he, love it! Just bought one of those tubs today, which I have been filling with water for Bertie to play with. He's had a whale of a time in the garden. Hope you've been enjoying the nice weather too. Looking forward to seeing more pics from that roll as these are super cool :)
    p.s. another Bertie/Omar clothes match. We have that top too!

  5. beautiful beautiful boy. adorable little family. are those skulls on his sweater? love it. badass bebe.


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