Not funny!!

This little joker has taken to waking and staying up for a couple of hours in the middle of the night every night. Needless to say, the hubby and I are walking around like jet-lagged zombies. In my head I keep repeating "This too shall pass"; I mean is there anything as fickle as a baby's sleep?!

In my sleep deprived state I really appreciated seeing this brilliant ad today - you'll love it too. Have a great and wonderful weekend full of rest my dears!


  1. Oh my! No, that isn't funny!! You poor things. I'm going to join you with 'this too shall pass'.
    p.s. Bertie has that cardi. I believe they have the same trousers too, which I saw in a picture a while back...the ones with braces? Snap. :)

  2. Que la force soit avec vous ce week-end! :)

  3. I am not looking forward to flipping my sleeping schedule upside down!
    he's got such a beautiful smile tho! can't stay mad at that!!

  4. oh, that's not funny at all! that ad though, that sure made me laugh. happy weekend, you guys.

  5. ITS THE SAME HERE! Elinor is awake almost every night between 2.30-4.30!!!!!!!!! it.drives.me.crazy!! On top of that, she has started daycare and has brought home a cold which she seems unaffected by -So D and I are both sleep deprived + sick ... oh well. next week everything could change.. tonight everything could change...

  6. I totally have a childhood photo that's almost identical, except I had a transparent plastic box on my head : D

  7. kerry: H&M rules, right?! ;0)

    mary: haha! thanks!

    celine: there's no way I could be mad at the little man - after all he doesn't know what time it is when he wakes up! it sure helps that he's developing a sense of humour now though! anyway, it'll get better with time so don't let this put you off ;0)

    nikole: that ad totally made my day!

    mette: oh no! those are the same hours as oomoo! maybe it's, uhm, how the stars are aligned at the moment or something??? proooobably not, eh! sorry to hear you guys are ill, that makes it doubly hard! but you're right, it can change at anytime, we had a good run of about two months where he slept through and then colds, fevers and eye infections messed everything up. can't wait for spring!! hope you guys get more sleep soon!

    may: :0)

  8. What a funny little boy you have! He may be the little one in the ad ! Brilliant ad and funny , and it's not often for a car ad ! i love the parents faces .
    i know what you live as i live the same with my little one , not much sleep but enough energy to climb everywhere ! Happy we to you.

  9. I can imagine how bad it is, oh but he's looking so adorable here it's hard to be mad at him I think.

  10. hey, maybe its an age cause down here little Arti is waking too.... we get him to sleep and then it feels like 15 minutes and he's awake again... this goes on for most of the night and when you rest your head next to the cot about to pass out on the floor he starts laughing and mucking around!
    I too hope it passes for us all. At least the days are entertaining hey, even if your eyeballs are half hanging out!
    I do like this photo :)

  11. The waking up in the middle of the night may not be funny but your little joker looks like a right little bundle of laughs!

  12. hahaha! eller jag menar... hrm. nej det var ju.. jobbigt. stackars dej.
    fast det ser ju roligt ut.
    och reklamfilmen HAHA! svinbra. tack för detta!

  13. hihihih, va massa fint jag missat här på ett tag!


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