End of

Thank you guys for sharing your pet memories, so nice to read! I've had a bit of an odd week where I haven't really taken any pictures, so here's a couple of "The End's" to celebrate that it's Friday (yay!). Hope you have a lovely weekend homies!


  1. oouh, i just saw the first picture and was afraid that it was the end of your blog! right out of the blue. glad it was not! have a nice weekend you as well.

  2. That first photo is the end of one of the best, and one of my most favourite films ever...amazing saturated colours all the way through. A good choice of film to perk anyone up in February! Happy weekend...

  3. Erm, what movies are they?
    Enjoy the weekend!

  4. maja: :0)

    5ft Inf: sadly I only caught the last five minutes and "the end". I'll have to try and catch it again!

    anna: the first one is "singing in the rain" and the second one is "I'll take sweden", a truly awful bob hope film that the hubby recorded for me 'cause it had sweden in the title :0) we watched in fast forward just to check if there was a "the end" - which there was. shame you see them so rarely in todays films!


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