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Blogging can be quite hard sometimes, especially if you don't lead a glamourous and super exciting life, and right now I'm struggling with posts; I mean how can I take pictures around the house that I haven't taken already?! Most of you know I don't get out much these days, and as I feel bad that I don't have the time to reply back to all of you who leave comments, I thought that it might be fun if I did one of those "ask me anything" posts. I'll do my best to answer honestly ;)


  1. Where did the name oomoo come from? Such a unique name.

    how old are you?

    Did you always feel like you saw the world differently --thus the name my funny eye?

    How did you and your husband meet?

    I love your blog and i have never commented but have been wondering these things for a while. Thanks for answering questions. You do have a wonderful eye. I love your photos.

  2. Its not a question, but I'd love a food post! Pictures of what you ate over the course of one day or any pics of your lovely home always inspire me (I esp love all your table clothes and your cups when you are having fika!)

  3. Let's see... I'll go for the completely random questions.

    Have you ever had what you would call "the perfect cupcake/muffin"? How about a perfect cookie? (hey, totally valid questions, my life goal is to find the perfect cupcake/muffin in Helsinki... or anywhere else, actually!)

  4. I love all of Victoria's questions. I'm just like her - been keeping an eye on your blog, as I like how you see your surroundings through your camera lens, but haven't commented much. I have two questions with regards to two European capitals:

    What would you recommend to see in London? Please name 5 things.

    What would you recommend to see in Stockholm? Please name 5 things.

    I've been to both, but I intend to come back there again, so I wonder if there are some hidden gems best know to the locals.

  5. ... Are you sure we can ask anything ???
    Iwould like a real selfportrait of you, please...
    I want to see your funny eyes !!!

  6. If you allow us , then i can't resist asking a few things as i love your blog and your pics /eye !
    so :
    who is your favorite writer ?
    what are (or was) your job ?
    and which word would you choose to describe London ?
    i could go on like that but i'm not the only one ! :)
    have a good day !

  7. I just love that picture! Nice shot as usual... when can we SKYPE?

  8. I'm with Lisa ... let's do a food post. What is your favourite fast meal to make?

  9. Yay!

    I would like to know your job/main activity too (it might have stopped with Oomoo's arrival?).

    Why did you decide to move to London in the first place?

    What did you study?

    Why did you start a blog?

    What is your favourite music band?

    Yep, I'm a curious gal ;)

  10. Are you from Sweden?
    Why did you move to UK? Do you like it there?
    Where did you meet your husban/partner?
    What do you look like? A picture, maybe? :)
    What do you think about London?

  11. hi famapa,
    me too I'm a faithfull reader of your blog who never writes comments.. when I feel like I need some inspiration I look for news from miranda july.. I'm sure you know her, but if you don't check this old project http://www.learningtoloveyoumore.com/index.php
    some assignements are photo-assignements, you could use this list for yours don-t-know-what-to-post-days
    hope you like it!

    your blog is great

  12. Which part/area/neighbourhood of London do you live in?

  13. Um, I know exactly how you feel, girl. I'm like, how many times can I take this same damn picture over and over?

  14. Hi Famapa. I adore your blog and look out for new posts everyday. I just love your photos - they're beautiful and inspirational.
    So - my question is: what is your favourite building in London?
    Take care. Bye. Robert.

  15. You are giving us a chance to be so nosey! :D I guess I want to ask why you don't show faces (apart from oomoo), I also do not show faces very often and people ask me why. My answer is I don't show them as I don't want to change the privacy of my family, my folks are professors and I'd hate for anything I said to affect them negatively. I wondered if your reasons were similar?

    Oh and I also wondered what is your favourite shop in London :)

  16. Sounds an inspired kick-start if ever there was. I often feel the same way.

  17. famapa! that was really sweet, what you said to me. Do not apologize for not being around too often! You have been occupied with the greatest joy in life! Your little Ooomoo!

    I love your nicknames for everyone!

    My questions are: (ready?)

    who are your favourite photographers, because, I really want to build a photography library at home, really get into the classics (or the modern!). I ask this because they must inspire you to look at the world the beautiful way you do.

    And, what is your "go-to" lens?


  18. I really love your pictures: shapes, light and lines...your funny eye...
    I'd like to know how you cope with the odd reality which is 'blogging you', 'mother you' and 'you you'?...
    I find it all very strange...

  19. ...that is 'I' find it all strange for myself... 'you' are definitely not strange!

  20. when did it start for you, this passion for photography?

  21. Hey ;)

    This post made me think about the "50 people one question" project...so, my question is: Before the end of the day, what would you wish to happen?


  22. The images of it are unique, original and surprising. It is very exciting the way you look at you life!

  23. Hi Famapa! I love your point of view, and the often unexpected angles and crops of your photos (especially those of Oomoom and his dad) -- what inspires you? Other photographers? Light, shapes, colours? Do you 'set out to find' the unusual, or do they just come 'as a surprise' to you?

    Haha.. I have been dying to ask you these things, because I love your photos so much, so thank you for giving us the opportunity!

    All the best,
    Linn Maria

  24. Oh, and I meant to ask you; who is your favourite photographer? Rx

  25. I know what you mean.... sometimes i can go weeks without posting. i think you do a beautiful blog even if you think its not a glamourous life... its a real life and we love it. thanks for sharing.
    my question is... where was this photo taken? love it!

  26. i don't know if i have any questions...because i enjoy your blog so much as it is. i love the things you choose to share with us - i think that's one of the most interesting things about blogging - what other people choose to share. so thank you for sharing!

    ps: i saw your kitty on dreamcats! meow!

  27. Hi Famapa! Have you ever thought about putting together a self published book of your images?
    Your funny eye is inspiring!

  28. I don't have any questions... I just love seeing your amazing images whenever you feel like posting them :) Don't worry about having 'an audience' - this blogging thing does make us do that I think... Do it for yourself when you feel like it and you'll enjoy it so much more. Have a lovely Sunday. Kx

  29. wow, looks like you've got quite a few questions already. can i ask what your favourite film camera is? and what your favourite film?

  30. fave book, fave film, fave music, fave blog, fave coffee place in london (too tired and off to bed now but I wanted to ask those. apologies if I'm repeating someone else's questions.)

  31. hi famapa! How many photos do you take a day? Do you prefer to post most of your photos straight out of the camera. What's your favorite tool when photo-editing? As a long time follower of your blog and flickr photostream,I've always admired the quality of your photos.

  32. I hope you won't mind, but you inspired me to make my own "ask me anything" post.

    My questions are: when did you start being interested by photo? Do you think that blogging made your photos evolve?
    Who are your main inspirations?

  33. oh! is this a Nam June Paik installation, isn't it?
    i've seen it, that was cool!


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