Blue is the night

If I time it right I can watch dramatic evening skies from the spare room window as I brush my teeth. It's one of my favourite times of the day, a quiet moment of dental hygiene before I meet up with my book and finally drift off to sleep. This was a particularly hot night in June.


  1. So beautiful and peaceful... thanks for coming back! You have so much to give. 1 4 3


  2. i love the house you see through your window! it's really beautiful!

  3. wow. bra kombination, för tandborstning kan ju vara så urtrist...
    vi har också sånadär solnedgångar, rakt framför verandan. men vi är frustrerade över att aldrig aldrig kunna få in solnedgången exakt så snygg som den är. nu är vi nästan trötta på det och igår konstaterade vi bara i förbifarten: "är det fult på himlen eller?" "ja, jo, rätt ful solnedgång idag också.."
    men du lyckas. 10p! :D

  4. i agree this is so peaceful!!

  5. Hei !
    Thanks ! My ego sure feels great ;P

  6. oh maria helena - your blog is beautiful! thank you famapa for introduncing it!

  7. precious moments and what a beautiful sight.

    (when i clicked on the link i got a warning about a malicious bug running on my computer - weird. is that me or something wrong with the link?)

  8. kristina: I have the same thing happening every now and again when I go there! maybe you could read it through your blogreader instead? otherwise I'd just close the window and try again! it's very weird though and doesn't seem right does it?!

  9. Hi guys,
    i had this bug thing too when i clicked the 2.2 link. Don't know how serious this was but it looked very suspicious and i disconnected from the net at once. Can anyone confirm what that is ?? Also you should not link to the site as long as you don't know what that malware thing is that wants you to press "ok".

    Love your blog - and little Mo too.

  10. hi all,

    I've taken off the link to 2.2 as there's definitely something fishy going on there. sorry about that and hope your computers are fine. I've gotten in touch with maria helena about it and hopefully it'll be resolved soon!


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