Alphabet Street

Years ago my godfather gave me a couple of his analogue cameras (you can see pics from the Canon Ftb here) and I've always used the older of the two. A few weeks ago I thought I'd give the Canon F1N a go, even though it probably needed a service and a good clean; it'd been kept in a camera bag unused and unloved for more than a decade. However, before sending it off for a costly spa treatment I put a roll of film in it to see how it worked and what do you know - it's in great shape! These "letters" are from my 'hood; there'll be three more to follow tomorrow (you'll see why I posted them separately).
Happy Friday and here's a little (ha!) Prince to get the party started :)


  1. Gosh I love those !
    Same story, Daddy gave me his Canon AE1. I shot a lot in b&w while in Switzerland, I love the effect on film...

    Have a great weekend !
    Prince ! Yes !

  2. oh... you make me want buy one of these!!!!
    fabulous photos!!

  3. love these 3 shots together! have a great weekend.

  4. oh, these make me want a film camera so badly..

  5. loved to be reminded of prince... tha camera obeys to the person - you are too good a photographer :)


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