Looking down

I have quite a bit of a blog post backlog these days which is entirely down to the Oomster, there just isn't enough time, plus my computer is ridiculously slow (my fault as I still haven't transferred stuff to the external hard drive, there's 22 892 pictures that I have to move over - gaah!). I took these pics exactly a month ago and it's about time they got posted. Always look down where you tread your feet, you might see the strangest things.


  1. haha! formfranska! ;) great! som en .... trappa av bröd! glad helg nu! KRAM!! och lycka till med komputern... överför! innan ev. krasch!! (=ånger!!)

  2. i love love LOVE the bread picture, wonderful! this blog is such a treat, your photographs are beautiful. i found you because you posted one of my images a while back, and i started getting loads and loads of referrals from here to my flickr. what luck! i am now an avid reader.


  3. just came accross your blog via the hows your weekend project - beautiful photos, your friends and family are very lucky to have you documenting their lives so beautifully



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