Little Mo pic of the week V

It feels a bit like summer here at the moment which is a bit of a shock to the system, especially after the winter we've had. I even wore shorts yesterday! This April has been pretty amazing, but this being England I'm fully aware that these warm days could actually be the only summer we get. I need to do a Jedi mind trick on the sun; "This is the country you want to shine on"!


  1. I found the most awesome cat picture last night:


    I keep leaving it open on my laptop so I get a nice surprise when I switch it on :)

    I know some people frown upon cat pictures, but I think I'm going to take more...

  2. look at that concentration.
    my cat used to do that before she pounced.

    oh, and that little bather photo in your last post... i so hope i can take a photo like that. so cute i would frame it for my wall!

  3. Beautiful cat, beautiful photograph!

    I love all your posts :-)

  4. Stunning fotos - across the board!
    But what about the special look -
    do you edit a lot? And which camera you use?

  5. Hi hi, I like the Jedi mind trick idea! Lovely Little Mo. We are enjoying the sun here too. Hope it will last here and there!

  6. hahaha! I hope the jedi are on your side!
    hi little mo! I miss you! You look so sweet here!

  7. gary: that's such a sweet cat! there can't ever be too many cat pictures (I think anyway)!

    world of sekimachihato: I think she was just staring off to the distance dreaming about food again ;)
    not long now until your little one arrives! you won't be able to stop taking baby pictures, I've been trying so hard to curb them on here and not go too overboard :0)

    amy marsh: thank you!!

    lola: I did minimal editing on this particular pic, just put a bit more contrast in and de-saturated it a bit. if I think a picture might benefit from being played around with a bit more I adjust the RGB curves in photoshop. as for cameras - check my profile or my flickr photos, it'll say which camera I used there!
    for this one I used my canon 400D.

    flora: yes. I'll be practicing my jedi-skills on everyone. ;0)

    celine: I miss little mo too, well I obviously see her every day but I miss taking pictures of her!

  8. that is a beautiful picture. he looks so contemplative! hah I just did a cat post in honor of my love for feline friends.

    And I'll trade you some Alabama humidity for an England summer any day.

  9. i'm happy to see little mo here ! that picture is gorgeous !

  10. Vacker bild!
    Samma harliga sommar(?)vader i Bryssel men som jag sa till en belgisk kompis igar nar han sa att det skulle bli kallare och regn till helgen - det kunde ju inte vara for evigt tyvarr, det ar ju trots allt Belgien :-)

  11. no, no, stop it!
    otherwise the jedi mind trick I'm doing at this very mo (so that the sun keeps shining in the netherlands) and yours will collide and counter each other :)

  12. Dang. Little Mo sure is a cutie. Take advantage of the warmth. Here in Sweden I haven't even been able to wear shoes without socks yet...

  13. Excuse me but you shine wrong. Up, up, up. Sweden really needs some sun.

    The cat photo - amazing.