Went to check out the Decode: Digital Design Sensations exhibition at the V&A on Saturday; boy was it fun! I love interactive exhibitions, not only is it fun taking part but it's also fun to watch others lose their inhibitions and enjoy themselves. And I love that you're allowed to take pictures at the V&A too! I really want to go back and visit the Quilts exhibition next, but I know now not to go on a weekend, the crowds were ridiculous...


  1. so cool! wish we had something like this nearby :)

  2. i went to this too and loved it!

  3. This looks like a great exhibition - and the quilts one should be great too. How to survive the V+A in the school holidays, though? I might have to wait until the fuss has died down.

  4. I love all these pics but the one i prefer is the one where your little boy seems wondering the meaning of it all ! :)
    I'd love to see this exhibit !

  5. ohhh that looks so fun! I love oomoo taking it all in so seriously:)

    p.s. so jealous you got to see Mulatu Astatke live!!

  6. Hej Famapa :)

    tack för din kommentar !
    det känns alltid bra när någon annan upplevde samma saken :)
    haha "work out my shit" that's exactly it. it's time to sort out all these patterns in me, those that don't work, those that are toxic and those that prevent me from getting over my chaotic childhood.
    i fully agree, many people don't deal with their old demons, and become either blocked in the past, depressed, or those people we call "assholes" that are just people who don't deal with their fears, never confront, and end up hurting others..

    it's very important to be well surrounded, like we are :)

    thanks again fo your comment, it's always so nice to see that people we imagine living a perfect flawless life, actually went through the same crisis.

    have a great evening !


  7. That looks fun! Your eyes almost wouldn't know where to look!
    Lila Ferraro
    Queen Bedroom Sets

  8. Adore exhibits that involve the public... jealous, want to go!

  9. My sister and I were there on Sunday! I loved the tree and the UV picture, and the strange woven wall that gave you a kind of shadowy animation. And of course had a play with that video wall :)

  10. ser underbart ut, wow! och oomoo, får man va så söt?!

  11. I love your pictures and that's why you are on my blog today!
    audrey(from france)

  12. it does look like fun, and i like that idea of seeing other people lose themselves in the interaction


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