If it hadn't been for fellow bloggers and flickr friends championing film, my little Lomo LC-A would have continued to languish in the back of a drawer forever. I got him 13 years ago and used to shoot with it like crazy, but then digital came along and even though I said I would never go digital I succumbed - big time. Well, I'm happy to say that I'm shooting film regularly again! I love the wait whilst the film is at the developers; it's such a relief when pictures do come out :) More Lomographs to come next week...

Two songs from the new Gorillaz album that I have been playing to death all week:
Empire Ants (from 02:45 onwards I kinda implode)

Happy weekend peeps!


  1. Yeah!! it's wicked you're shooting more film.
    I love your film shots :)

  2. awh, och du är så bra med kammmeran! sjysst look förresten! å som sagt... bra musiksmak han har utvecklat redan, ooomar'n! Kram! :D

  3. ser så fram emot att se fler filmrutor här! ha en fantastisk helg /johanna

  4. oh yay! i'm excited to see more of your lomo photos!

  5. That first picture is adorable! I'm jealous of that little wave in your hair. : )

  6. yeah. lomo rules !
    i feel the same when i go to the lab and expect great shots on the film !!!
    lovely weekend F !


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