Le retour

We're back! I have a lot of pictures to sort through and a film (yippie!) to develop so whilst I rest up (you know how it goes, sometimes you need to recover from a holiday) I give you the sunset in St Malo from Monday night. It was a beaut!


  1. yääää skynda, lägg upp ALLT på EN GÅNG! ;) jag sitter här och väntar!

  2. welcome back! i look forward to seeing your trip through photos ... this one's a great start!

  3. welcome back!
    and of course i am anticipating the photos. thanks for the lovely teaser here. it is a beaut!
    wishing you a good recovery from your holiday : )

  4. woooo, vicken rolig och fin bild! som en PÄRTA! välkommen hem! :D

  5. ja man kan va helt slut efter ledighet..landa o ta sej igång igen..

    vad fint det vore om man kunde ha solen sådär mellan tumme o pek o kunna placera o ta bort när man ville..ah! vacker.

  6. famapa! yay, you're back :) looks like you had a lovely time. i love these. i especially love the 3rd and 4th. 5th and 6th too...they're all great!

    p.s. so...all of my pictures are gone. so sad. sniff.


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