French letters

On the Saturday morning we drove to Ste Foy le Grande for the food market. As we were walking past the stalls selling lots of delicious fare (most of which I couldn't eat as a pregnant lady - boohoo), I wondered why I wasn't taking any pictures. I mean, there were definitely pictures to be had and all. It wasn't until we got away from the market that my eye kicked in. I got lots of funny looks from passersby; they'd look at where I was pointing the camera and walk away looking puzzled. Horses for courses I guess :) I do love the typography you get on the Continent, here in the UK they're a bit too keen to replace old signs with horrible typefaces. Shame.


  1. me too, i love to spot nice typography and take photos. but often people look at me as if im weird:) i would have taken similar photos. you look super in the last pic.

  2. Yeah, typography is great here but I become totally crazy when in London. Because it's different.

  3. Couldn't agree more. I seriously go weak at the knees at some typography, and walking home one day I noticed some builders and a painter who was PAINTING the name of a block of flats where beautiful metal letters had been. I ran to the builders to ask where the letters were, and they looked at me weirdly and said "Oh they were all old and broken - we binned them."
    I am ashamed to say I shed a quiet tear thinking how lovely they would have looked on my wall!

  4. These are a particularly lovely form of french letters .

    loving your blog and your sense of humour, I always follow your links as there usually great , and yesterdays was no exception. It was pure genius.

  5. what can you not eat when you are pregnant? I thought you were allowed to eat anything! So many things I do not know!!!
    Wow! those letters on the white building are amazing! Even though I just came back from holiday, I always long to be somewhere in Europe. Your photos are making my longing, stronger.

  6. i love these. i can't wait to go on my vacation! lovely dress in the last photo :) hope you had a beautiful day. i'm gonna check out the link now!

  7. Great to see these photos of yours... well worth any funny looks. Love your 'funny eye'.

  8. yasu: thanks! do you find more of it in paris than you did in london?

    marion: there is some good stuff here, but I always find it easier to see things like that when I'm traveling :0)

    cath W: nothing to be ashamed of! what a shame you didn't manage to nab them! there were some great letters down the road where a baker used to be and I kept thinking "those letters are soooo nice!". I think someone had the same idea but was more gutsy and eventually just nicked them as they're not there anymore... bah!

    jaboopee: aren't they just? :0) thank you for your kind words!

    *SNYdesign: glad you like them too!

    celine: where do I start? the guidelines are different in different countries but here they advise you not to eat unpasturised dairy products, no cheeses with a rind, i.e. no parmesan, goats cheese, camembert, etc etc. no uncooked meats (parma ham, salami, smoked salmon, sashimi and sushi), no sausages, no under-cooked meats (I miss juicy lamb chops!) and no runny egg yolks. I've practically stopped eating eggs as I like mine runny :0( the list continues but I shan't ramble on here...

    I'm sure you'll get to back to europe soon!

    kinako: thanks! where are you going on holiday? the dress was an ebay find :0)

    gracia: thanks lady! I'm kinda used to the funny looks now :0)

  9. Congratulations to the pregnancy, good luck! I agree Paris and Rome have beautiful architectual typography! It makes me wanna move from London... when I think of all the beautiful places there are around...


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