Venice people

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think her favourite colour is probably red.

Couldn't quite figure out what he was supposed to be doing (handing out flyers maybe and was on a break?), but let's just pretend he's just not a jeans and trainers guy, and this is how he dresses all the time

I wish I'd filmed this; she was writing someone's name super fast with a sewing machine, which was really impressive. And I made her smile taking her picture (see the note on the sewing machine) ūüėä 

Ahhhh, modern life.

These two ladies proved that you're never too old for a bit of sauce.

Look at this couple!! Rockin' it! I always thought it a funny concept that when we're the oldest generation alive, we won't be slow dancing in tea rooms, but we'll raving/moshing/breakdancing, reminiscing about Nirvana and Public Enemy and breaking out in Bj√∂rk sing-a-longs.

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