From above

I'd read somewhere that to avoid the crowds at the bell tower at St Mark's Square and heading to the San Giorgio Maggiore tower opposite the main island instead, gave a better view of Venice and best of all - no queues. Very true. We got there just before 5pm, and the light was oh so pretty.

Hello Venice! What an amazing city you are. 

The bells chimed on the hour when we were up there and YES, IT WAS LOUD.

This couple, enjoying the view and a cuddle. Me, sneaking their picture.

Pretty picture perfect if you ask me.

Sadly that maze was closed - looked like a really good one too! And how cool is that glass brick snake-like sculpture? Very.

Luce perfetta! Which means 'perfect light' according to Google Translate. Maybe it does (I don't trust GT)?

On our way out, while they were on their way in.

And finally, Oomoo, having a moment to himself 💕


  1. Yes! It does translate to perfect light. :D I love all your pictures, thank you for sharing! I've never been to San Giorgio's tower, but in that garden I sneaked in a rehearsal of a Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson concert, the place is magical. I'll remember to go to the tower next time I'll be in Venice. Grazie!

    1. Hahaha, thank you for straightening that up! Good to know that google translate works sometimes... That rehearsal sounds magical, and in such a beautiful place too... Hope you make it up the tower soon!


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