Outdoors in the countryside

Got two walks in during our time in the Cotswolds, and here a 46-year old uncle and a 15-year old nephew are racing to the top of a hill as a gentle warm-up. I'm not sure who won, but it was very close...

We always always go for the same walk, which follows a disused railway track, hence the trees growing apart like this.

I love how this guy will always have a go, even though we're turning older and creakier.

It doesn't look it here, but this part is really steep, and there's no graceful way to get down it. This is when good sticks come in handy.

I'd love to print this huuuuuuge. A bit bleak maybe, but so pretty in real life.

My favourite part of this walk are these tall pine trees, where it's dead quiet, apart from the breeze in the treetops, and the sound of us taking pictures, haha.

On our way back the sun came out, and the light was all 😍

On our second day the sun came out, so we brought a frisbee, like you do.

These guys came right up to us and let us stroke them - I have never stroked a cow before! Usually they're so timid, but they stayed close to us for ages. It wasn't until when we're walking away, and they started mooing at the sound of a jeep driving nearer, that we realised that they had mistaken us for their farmers, and that it in fact was their feeding time. Figures.

My little man, even littler. We're all in agreement that we need to go back when it's warmer, and explore more of what's around locally, like big gardens and stately homes and random little museums - and find new walks. We'll be back.

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