Indoors in the countryside

At half-term a couple of weeks ago, we headed out to the Cotswolds again for a couple of nights away. We went with our sister-in-law and Oomoo's cousins, and here's O waiting for them to arrive.

Oomoo called us outside later in the day to watch these starlings fly around in formation, and even if it wasn't in the usual quantities of a murmuration, it was still really impressive.

One of Oomoo's cousins balancing on an armchair, while we played an evening round of Balderdash. 

The morning view from the kitchen. So pretty.

Breakfast time.

One of my father-in-law's linocuts in the bathroom. We're lucky to have quite a few of his lino and woodcut prints in our place too.

Another round of Balderdash - which is such a fun game. Have you tried it?

On another note I'm relieved the warm weather we had last week has gone. It was really nice to feel the warmth and be outside in the sunshine, but +21c in February is not normal and frankly scary!

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