At the Royal Academy

Last week I went to the Royal Academy to see the Gustav Klimt/Egon Schiele exhibition before it ended. I've never really been into Schiele, but seeing his drawings, and especially next to Klimt's, was quite an experience. So much soul in his lines. What I used to find ugly about his style is exactly what I find amazing now, and his use of colour was brilliant. I really want to see his actual paintings now, as well as Klimt's. Maybe I need to keep a trip to Vienna in mind... I didn't take many pics in the exhibition as I was too busy looking at it. The third picture is from the Bob and Roberta Smith exhibit which was in one of the rooms in the new wing of the Academy. I'm glad I stayed and looked at it properly as it was really interesting (the line about which pens to draw with made me laugh). And the last pic is of Eros, a small bronze model of the same statue that's in Piccadilly Circus. Whoever made it smashed it to pieces, but it has been so carefully restored you'd never know it was ever broken. Magique.

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