Still here

Didn't mean to disappear from the blog, but I should know by now that blogging and summer don't really go together for me. In fact today is the first day in a couple of months that I have spent a bit of time getting organised on my computer. I just downloaded pictures that have lived on my digital camera since early June, and there were 1054 pictures on there! Needless to say, there will be a few posts coming this way, but realistically it'll be in a couple of weeks time. And lookie here at this pic! That's a film camera in my hands... My first shot roll of film in years! I've been going back to my film cameras this summer and have really enjoyed it, but had to adjust to how grainy film can be. Duuuuh! Anyway, hope you've had a good summer, and I'll be back with loads of pictures - soonish.


  1. Hiya! And fabulous shot, in every sense of the word.

  2. beautiful photo. you are the perfect model there!


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