French randomness

A minimalist lunch.
A minimalist abstract in the pool.
Figs growing. 
Cousins looking out the window.
Almost time for dinner.
A thunder storm rolling in over the hazelnut field.
C watching the lightning in the distance.
An origami angel that one of the kind Buddhist monks made for Oomoo. Our return flight got cancelled because of the previous night's thunderstorm, and rather than fight with the other passengers for the next flight home (which incidentally was three days later), we took our chance and decided to head to Bordeaux and get home by train instead.
Bordeaux train station.

We were offered a lift to Bordeaux by some monks who where waiting to pick people up from the flight we had waited for, for 7 1/2 hrs, and when it got re-directed to Bordeaux, the monks offered us and others a lift there. We and my mother-in-law's cousin took their offer. Oomoo ended up in the front with them, and it was heartwarming to hear the conversation they were having on the 90 min drive there. They talked martial arts, and whether Oomoo helped out at home (see, there's a theme here), and how the monks did chocolate and ice cream meditations. The following morning Oomoo said he wanted to become a monk, as they were so helpful and nice, and I had to explain that you don't have to become a monk to be that, and that we should all be more like them just anyway. The return trip, which would have been something that we wouldn't have particularly noticed, became a 24 hr adventure, with us having to think on our feet, go with the flow, and not stress about it. I will forever remember it with fondness.

P.s. Trains rule.


  1. I want to know all there is about chocolate and ice cream meditations!

    PS. I love train stations.

  2. Hi dear F., what a beautiful adventure. Misfortune turned meaningful life lesson.

    Love the feeling of quiet and peace in these series, and the angel passing at 21:12 ;)
    I am curious of the chocolate and ice cream meditations hahaa. Pekiye


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