We always make pancakes on Sunday morning and have done for years. On this particular occasion there wasn't enough mix left for one last full size pancake, so this is what Mr Famapa gave me instead :)

Oomoo is keen on taking pics with a SLR these days, and he took loads of Buddy on this day. This is one of them.

Lunchtime, and we're on our way to the Farmer's Market through our local park.

I had some chicken gyozas and a mushroom spring roll for mains, and a Nutella crepe and some chips for afters - at the same time! I think I was worried that I'd still be hungry after the crepe, and kept filling up on chips, just to make sure I wasn't. Crazy.
Messing around in my mother-in-law's garden. I'm so happy I only use a big camera these days - this would not have come out as well on my phone!

Oomoo helping with prepping the barbecue... I guess that's one way to get the flames going, eh?

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  1. I had a smiley face coming to see your blog today and then when I saw that pancake I had the biggest smile I had in a while - hee hee so cute and happy :)


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