Letting the light in

How do you deal with winter? Every year it rolls round I feel life drain out of me, and I find it hard to get anything done. I basically hibernate and wait it out, not forcing anything. This winter has been much better than last year's, as I've learnt to accept that this is what happens (to me), and that I don't need to feel angry or guilty about it. It will pass. And now, just as it's getting lighter for longer, a little warmer and the trees are budding/blossoming, I'm starting to feel my old self creep back. Now I manage to drag myself out, topping up on all the things that I enjoy; meeting friends, running in the woods, going to museums and carrying my camera again. So this picture symbolises exactly where I am right now, ready to face the world again, and hopefully getting shit done.


  1. här kommer en skitstor kram från mig till dig!

    1. Tack! Känns länge sen nu - phew! Kram på dig med :-*


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