Windows from the past

One of the very few times I actually brought my camera with me this year, was on an Easter Egg hunt that I took Oomoo on a while back. I fancied going a bit further afield, so we ended up at Osterley Park. The sun was out, and so were the crowds, and after answering questions along the egg trail in the gardens, we ended up inside the house. In there was a bunny hunt; nothing as sinister as it sounds, just crocheted white bunnies dotted around the stately home that we had to count. As we did we got an insight to how a very wealthy family lived in the late 1700's. And what do you know, I only took pictures of the windows! I didn't even realise that I had until I put this post together. I guess taking pictures becomes habitual, and that you are subconsciously always drawn to the same thing, over and over again. So if you see more windows in the future on this blog - don't be surprised :)


  1. Love the pictures, very pretty! They almost give off a eary feel but I like it.

  2. Thanks Caroline! And yes, I see what you mean :)


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