Heart eyes

One of my dearest friends lives in LA. We've been friends for over 20 years and she's the most generous, loving and fun friend you could wish for. It breaks my heart that we live so far apart, but at the same time when we do see each other it's so special, that in a way I wouldn't have it any other way. Anyway, my sister, who now also lives in LA, was expecting her second child back in April, and was having a baby shower, and my BBF thought that I should come out for it - as a surprise. So I went out there for a whole week on my own, without my boys. That meant that I could go and do all those things that they wouldn't be as into, like going to exhibitions, check out stores and have a karaoke session for old times sakes. It was an amazing seven days where I got to reconnect with aspects of myself that I somehow had buried and neglected since motherhood. It was like I got my old self back. 

These pics are from MOCA and the Broad where we got to see lots of great art. Sadly I can't tell you who made any of them apart from the last pic (Catherine Opie), because I'm shallow like that ;)

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