Drive by shooting

Winded the window down quickly to get these. You can't really tell from this bunch of pics, but the light in LA is stunning. Not only is it golden, but the shadows you get are really deep. And that blue sky! So jealous. But if the trade-off is that I can walk everywhere in London, I'm happy to forgo that magical light :)


  1. yay! It's almost too easy with such skies, no? ;-) The real challenge is to take nice pics despite "our" typical blue-greyish skies :-) Let's hope we can enjoy some amazing September golden light over here... Have a nice week-end, dear F.!

  2. I'm going to LA at the end of the year over xmas and then east coast - my first trip to the U.S!
    Look forward to seeing the rest of your LA photos and places to see :)

  3. I know the light there is soooo amazing! I loved it when we were there. This is a great video made during LA twilight https://vimeo.com/61451298


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