An education (of sorts)

A friend of mine has recently started on a photography course, and asked me a few weeks ago if we could go for a camera walk on Hampstead Heath. She wanted me to show her how I take pictures, and it was such an interesting experience. To try and verbalise how I do something I don't actually think about and do intuitively was really fun. I'm not saying that I'm a teacher or that I know it all, but I pointed out that there are certain things to look for if you want to make a picture more interesting. In a nutshell: light, shadows, the negative space, scale, angles (get down on the ground!) and one of my all time faves: silhouettes - the one that my friend was most excited by. They turned out to be a revelation! Next time I'm taking her to the Barbican, which is my favourite place in the whole of London to take pictures. Can't wait to see what she makes of it.


  1. That's very interesting. I have already done some "photo walk" with some friends willing to learn a bit more on photography but we always focused on technicalities (which is not my favorite part). Next time, I'll definitly try to add some input about how to "compose" a photography.
    And I think this kind of walk should not be for "student/teacher", I'm sure that even 2 photographers would learn a great lot by explaining out loud what they see and how!

  2. Going for photo walks with fellow photographers is great as you tend to walk at the same pace, and will stop for the other person if they're taking a picture, and they do the same for you. When I'm taking pictures, and I'm with people who aren't, I have to constantly run after them to catch up! Photography is a constant learning curve, and the more you take, the better you'll get (in theory anyway, haha). And composition is everything, isn't it? The technicalities are secondary these days as you can shoot every thing on auto. I can't get my head round the Av or Tv setting on my camera, so I'm forever shooting on manual :)

  3. you create an amazing photography. it takes time to actually notice this small elements that make your photos special.


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