A dose of culture

What do you know... I'm behind with blogging again. Groundhog day anyone? I find that I just don't want to park myself in front of the computer these days, but as it's raining and pretty horrible today, I might as well sit myself down and get on with it. A few weekends ago we met up with friends and went to Tate Britain, which we all really enjoyed. When visiting museums or galleries with children it always feels like you're in there on borrowed time, and that at any point they could get bored and want to leave, way before you yourself would want to (which is why I sometimes go twice to an exhibition). Most places cater towards kids and will offer art trails and packs that turns your visit into more of a game or an art hunt. This time I realised that it takes away from the experience and that you quickly walk around the exhibits, ticking stuff of a list instead of properly looking and talking about what you see and what it makes you feel. From now on I'm going to try and ignore those trails and enjoy hearing the kids interpretations, as they're so much more fun and interesting!


  1. What a gorgeous and interesting exhibit.
    I love a bit of culture :p


    1. Tate Britain really has their s**t together, haha! Such a great place to visit. And regular doses of culture should be mandatory :)


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