Amsterdam day 3 part II

Can you ride a bike without holding onto the handlebars? At 38 I still can't. The hubby can though - and with a child on the back too it turns out. Nutter! In the afternoon of our third day we cycled back to Vondelpark, and then later rode through the city and made our way to Eye, the gorgeous film museum/cinema - such a wonderful building. We didn't really check it out properly though; we only went there for some mighty fine cakes and madeleines (soooooo good, you must go if you go to the 'Dam). Actually the food was pretty amazing everywhere we ate in Amsterdam. You can't really tell, as I didn't take any pictures of any of the food - I was too busy eating it. Besides, seeing people taking pictures of their food in the restaurants all the time these days (which I've been guilty of many times over the years) makes me want to hide my camera now. So I give you a tea bag instead - haha! Our last blow out meal was at Rainarai, which was just amazing. A-mazing. Man I want to go back so bad. Sigh. Have a good weekend!


  1. Gorgeous shots. Love that last one especially. That light!

  2. Yes, beautiful pictures! Nice trip & nice city!

    1. Merci Audrey! It's a pretty and special place :)


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