Amsterdam calling

A couple of weeks ago we hopped on the train to Amsterdam for a three night stay to hang out with our dear friend Z. It was a bit nerve racking as we weren't sure if we would make it; Oomoo had come down with chicken pox just a few days before and the hubby had an almighty jet lag. Luckily Oomoo got well in time for our departure, so off we went. I've just recently got a new DSLR camera, so it was a good place to try it out. These pics are all from our first day there; we dropped our bags off in the flat we were staying in and then immediately hired bikes (a must!). Within an hour of arriving Oomoo said "Why can't we move to this country?". And I must say something kinda clicked this third time round in Amsterdam. I actually started day dreaming about living there too. It's such a beautiful city and the tempo of life is so much slower than here, no one is in a rush and everyone is pootling along nicely on their bikes. Anyway, we rode ours to Vondelpark and had a bit of a play, and then got caught in an almighty downpour and all arrived drenched at Z's flat (pics 5-8), and Oomoo got to help feed Duana the tortoise! I have a feeling that his memories from the trip will stay with him for a long time - we can't wait to go back. More pics to come and happy long weekend to yous!

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