Winter film

Just had a roll of film developed that took me almost a year to shoot! These four are from last winter when we stayed at my father-in-law's, when we were between houses. I decided to keep my Pentax MX with me and send the other cameras to storage - a mistake perhaps. I think I prefer my Canon film cameras as I find them much quicker and easier to focus, hence not using the Pentax so much. But that doesn't take anything away from the joy of getting a film back from the lab. I wish I shot more film; maybe I need to set myself a challenge where I don't shoot anything but film for a couple of months?! 

I don't tend to spend much time on the internet these days, but I thought I'd share some links, as I've found myself surfing a bit more recently. 

This song is on constant repeat on my Spotify.
Some of the pictures on this blog are so beautiful and inspiring - they're the perfect antidote to our chilly and rainy days that we're having here at the moment.
If I felt a bit more flush I'd add stuff to my winter wardrobe from here.
Home tours in Japan - yes please!


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