Sunny Sunday

Didn't have any plans on Sunday, which in our household is quite rare. Since having Oomoo we always try and get out of the house, no matter what. After a while you feel like you've been everywhere (which of course isn't true, but we do tend to rotate the same places we go to), and so on Sunday we were stumped. In the end we walked to our local farmers market, bought some lunch and went to sit in our local park and had an impromptu picnic. The weather was amazing and so after we finished, we continued to Hampstead Heath, where Oomoo got to have a go at climbing trees, still being way off what the older kids can do :)


  1. Nice to see that the Sun was with you. The last picture is amazing!

  2. 'no plan' week-ends are so good when the sun is out.
    I wish I was in London to enjoy the parks... U're so lucky ;)

  3. Love the light in the first two pictures:)