Thinking out loud

I'm desperate to take some new pictures, but I think I'm out of the habit. As much as I enjoy (sometimes) Instagram, it takes me away from here, and over there I trick myself into thinking I am taking pictures, when I really should be using a real camera and not a phone. Instagram is like fast food and the blog is, maybe not haute cuisine, but certainly a good proper meal. I think I need to wean myself off the junk a bit... or at least not forget that lugging a big camera around isn't a pain in the arse, but a really good thing to do. 

Have a yourselves a excellent weekend!


  1. I surely miss you here! I miss not only your beautiful and "surprising" compositions in your photos but your way of commenting as well...
    I _now you'll be bac_! No letter _ as in O_ay : )


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