Sunday in King's Cross

Hello camera my old friend, I've come to play with you again. Damn I've missed you. Let's make up for lost time shall we? I promise I'll keep my phone in my pocket :)

P.S. This is my 800th post! Hip hip!


  1. Happy 800th posts!!
    I love your pics

  2. Since a few months I also thought a lot about taking pictures and the use of he different cameras. My scanner doesn't work, so that I can't show my analoge pictures. I'm happy to use Instagram, but as you said: it's like fast food. It makes fun, but doesn't work for a while.
    I like you pictures with the grey colours a lot. And I'm happy to see your pictures again.

  3. Bravo pour le 800ème post! This proves your blog has substance :)
    I agree with you, nothing is as good as an old camera.
    Love the yellows in the last picture...

  4. I really really missed your pictures, and I am glad you are taking the heavy thing with you again!

  5. Dear Famapa,
    I love your blog, that I'm following regularly. Can I get in touch with you through an email ? I live in Northern Brittany with my husband and two kids aged 8 and 4, and we are planning to spend a few days in London next August. I'm trying to know more about good things to do and see with children in London, and about companies that could be letting out bedsits for families. I'm just seeking your advice. My email is : phil.liza@free.fr.

    Best reagrds,

  6. Congrats on your 800th post. I love this last batch of photos. The way you can frame the mundane and turn it into something with depth and feel is sublime. You're so talented!

    - Major Gubbins

  7. although i think your eye is funny with any camera i love having you back on the blog with "real pictures"! you are so talented! envy!

  8. I love looking at your photos because they really inspire me to pick up my camera and capture the intricate and interesting details of our everyday surroundings! And through that we can still take interesting photosgraphs :)
    Congrats on your blog!

  9. weeeheee! lovely photos and congrats on 800 posts!

  10. These are so nice together! The last photo is a particular favorite.


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