A Mother's Day morning

I'm ashamed to say that in the past Mother's Day has never meant anything to me. I've lumped it together with my dislike of Christmas and Valentine's and any other annual date that's been commercially hijacked. Also, Mother's Day is on a different day in different countries, so with my own mum there's four dates to keep track of (Sweden, the UK, France and the Philippines), which is a lame excuse, I know. Anyway, yesterday I was at the receiving end of Mother's Day (oh yeah duuuh - I'm a mum now!) and my boy and my man treated with me with breakfast in bed and flowers (made by Oomoo). I also got a beautiful little Victorian locket necklace that made me well up when I saw what was inside. Awwww.

And Mum, if you're reading this - I love you and miss you, and am so grateful for having you as my mum. I hope we get to see you soon! Puss!


  1. I got my computer back today : )

    Happy Mother's Day daughter and I must have done something good to have you... I miss you too and hoping to see you very very soon...

    Puss o kram

  2. surtout...

    Jag älskar dig
    Mahal na mahal kita
    I love you
    Je t'aime...


  3. The sweetest! :)
    Hope you had a wonderful "British" Mother's Day! heehee


  4. I've long been a reader of your blog and was pleasantly surprised to see you mention the Philippines!

    Belated Happy Mothers' Day!

  5. Wow, that's a very beautiful gift. That made me miss my mom so much. Wishing all and expressing everyone with best mothers day wishes. Happy Mother's Day!

  6. Those are really nice gifts! given to your loved one they will hold them at heart and never part with them. This mothers day i hope to give my mom a keep me safe ring, hope she loves it.Mothers day poems to her.

  7. happy mothers day to all of you friend. Very Nice gift idea for Mothers Day 2014


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