Uni time

Very late the night before we went to Oxford, I frantically tried to put together a bit of a plan for our day trip. I wish I could be more relaxed and just follow my nose when I'm somewhere new, but I can't -  I'm a Virgo after all (that's my excuse anyway). Racking my brains I remembered that Alice lives in Oxford and so looked through her blog for any clues as to where to go. Not looking at any of the colleges in such a famous and old university town would be, uhm, weird and luckily Alice has made a bit of a guide to some of them. As we were very short for time, I chose Worcester College (pics 2 & 4) and Corpus Christi College (the rest). Both were beautiful in very different ways and I really want to go back in summer, as it'll be even more so then. However, the highlight of the day was when we were walking briskly through the rain, with the sun still shining. We turned to look behind us and there it was: a complete rainbow. Perfect!


  1. Photo n° 1 is amazing almost surreal! Seems grandson is 'checking out' his future school? : )

  2. A brilliant! I am so glad that was of some use :) I keep meaning to make a more organised guide sometime. I love seeing the city through your funny eye. Great pictures!

    1. Thanks Alice! Your blog really helped :)
      We also had lunch in Edamame and dinner at the Magdalen Arms thanks to you (took no pics - too busy eating)! Must go back, we simply didn't have enough time to savour the city properly... Nice place you live in lady!


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