Oxford randomness

And so for the last pics from Oxford. When the rain got too bad we sheltered in the Ashmolean Museum and later at the Pitt Rivers Museum. The problem with visiting on a Sunday is that the colleges and the museums are only open for a few hours, and as I hadn't much time to figure out the layout of the city before we went, we had to rush through everything. We only got 15 minutes in Pitt Rivers before it closed, and we were gutted as it was obvious from the tiny amount we saw what an amazing place it was. There's only one thing for it: go back. And we will - soon!


  1. ha, you did it again ;)
    The colours and mood in your pictures... (sigh)

    I think you'll have to go back to the Pitt Rivers Museum, what a stunning place!
    Thanks xxx

  2. Love love love the first picture. It's amazing.

  3. wow, how impressive. My favourite is the 1st photo, it looks like a painting. Clever shot!

  4. i absolutely love that first photo, perfect capture

  5. The first one is almost like a 'painting'... (funny resemblance of the background girl with A)


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