This is England

I guess these flags in my 'hood are allowed up for a bit longer as England scraped through to the last 16 of the World Cup yesterday. My hunch is they'll come down next week :)


  1. I have a tiny Japan flag flying at my desk at work to try and combat all the England flags :)

  2. Then you have to see the orange here in The netherlands!! Alle the streets are painted in it, complete crazy :-)

  3. yeah! this is the english analogue view on the "decorating championship" which i already documented as to the opponent german fans a few days ago in my blog!

    julie: as i live quite near the dutch border i know the netherlands do their best in decorating as well! ;o)

    yes, it's crazy! but as long as the opponent fans are allowed to wave their flags in public, too, this can be a huge international party - may the best men win!

  4. today we have sort of independence day in Slovenia, but there are not even NEARLY as many flags as there were on the streets on wednesday, when we all wanted really badly to kick some english asses... well, it is still justice on the world - the best have won after all ;)

  5. i love this arrangement! gorgeous photos :)

    xo Alison


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