Outtakes XI

Time for some outtakes again me thinks and 'cause it's November and all I thought I'd seek out some pictures with light in them. I can't believe winter is almost upon us again up here in the northern hemisphere. The Christmas ads are already being churned out on telly; where did this year go? Have a great weekend friends!

Mette had her little Elinor! Yippie! 
Ehum... my turn next :)


  1. undrar också vart året tog vägen. snabbaste någonsin. om det ska fortsätta så här så är vi 80 år imorgon :)

  2. i LOVE the top shadows! great perspective.

  3. så fin bildserie med skuggor och allt!
    Ooo snart gäller det..lycka till!! ;)

  4. what a beautiful light! i love the clearness and peace in your pictures..
    yes, exactly - where did this year go? i cannot believe it's almost christmas again, me too..
    hello from ieva :)

  5. Jag har försökt ta sådana där skuggbilder när vi är ute och går - men de blir inte lika bra som dina foton.
    Håller tummarna för dig, är du trött på att vara gravid?

  6. I never tire of seeing your photography. Wonderful.

  7. ah! the light and shadows in this collection is captivating!
    dear sweet, famapa, i am thinking of you often and hoping that your little bubba will make his grand appearance soon.
    *excited for you*

  8. I love the one of the blue jug.

    You next with baby announcements! How exciting for you x


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