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One of my absolute must-sees in Venice was the Olivetti showroom on St Mark's Square, designed by the local architect Carlo Scarpa in the late 1950's. But like most things in Venice it was expensive to enter, so only me and Oomoo went and had a nosey round. Isn't it amazing?! I tried my hardest to explain to Oomoo how a typewriter worked, going through the whole process step by step. It made me miss writing on typewriters as a kid something ridiculous. Remember the smell of the ink? And how you'd get it all over your fingers as you had to move a stuck key? Or the pressure of the carriage return platen (yes, I had to google that, as I had no idea what that part was called) against your wrist as you'd finished typing a line and had to move down one row? It made me really want to get my hands on a portable typewriter, so Oomoo can have a go, and by the looks of things they're going cheap on eBay. My favourite details in the showroom were the window shutters that looked like eyes and the staircase. Kinda makes current architecture look bland and soulless, non?

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