Cheers to winter trees and good health

Usually February is the month that drags, even though it's the shortest, but this year I've hardly noticed my least favourite month. I'm not sure why, but I'm relieved! Maybe it's the fact that for the first winter ever, since becoming a mother, I'm not continually coming down with colds. This has meant that I've been able keep up my regular fitness regime, as well as still run outside in the cold (if this isn't jinxing it, I don't know what is). Yesterday morning I went for my regular 5K run, with super tired legs and asthmatic lungs, but despite that and the drizzling rain it was so invigorating. These pictures are from the last couple of weeks, and looking at them I realise that this winter feels very different for me. Let's hope it lasts all the way through to spring!

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